Dr. Gilbert

Author, Speaker, Teacher, Coach & Counselor

Dr. Gilbert has been leading workshops, seminars and retreats for over 19 years on topics such as dating, relationships, marriage, conflict, spiritual leadership, family, and human sexuality. He has led hundreds as a College and University Professor at the Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral levels. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Professional Affiliate of the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists (ABCST) and a Certified Family Trauma Professional. His heart and passion is teaching about a healthy sexuality for ourselves and our families, being trauma informed and how to find and live out a Healthy ETHOS.
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Sermon - How to Have An Affair - June 2019 - Mesquite TX

Chapel @ Corban University - A Biblical Sexual Ethic - January 2019

Dr Gilbert Speaking in Chapel at Corban University Jan 2019 on a Biblical Sexual Ethic & his new book now available for preorder

Keynote at Priority One - October 2018

Becoming a Redemptive Voice in a Sexually Confused Culture

Also Available for Workshops, Retreats, & Seminars with a Focus on Porn-Proofing Your Family, Trauma-Proofing Your Family, & Homeschooling

Dr. Gilbert would be honored to speak at your weekend Retreat, lead a day workshop, or evening Leadership Training.

Dr. Gilbert
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Dr. Corey Gilbert brings a calm and knowledgeable perspective to anything you want to discuss with him. I found meeting with him helpful and encouraging. His wisdom and experience were what I needed for my situation.

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