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Dr. Gilbert has been leading workshops, seminars and retreats for over 19 years on topics such as dating, relationships, marriage, conflict, spiritual leadership, family, and human sexuality. He has led hundreds as a College and University Professor at the Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral levels. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Professional Affiliate of the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists (ABCST) and a Certified Family Trauma Professional. His heart and passion is teaching about a healthy sexuality for ourselves and our families, being trauma informed and how to find and live out a Healthy ETHOS.
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Sermon - How to Have An Affair - June 2019 - Mesquite TX

Dr. Gilbert is Available Year round - anywhere in the U.S. - Book a Sermon, Seminar, or Workshop to address Relevant topics for your couples and families that are founded on a Biblical Sexual Ethic

A Biblical Sexual Ethic - Speaking in Chapel @ Corban University - January 2019

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Dr. Gilbert Delivering the Keynote at "Priority One" @ Salem First Baptist Church, Salem, OR - October 2018

Becoming a Redemptive Voice in a Sexually Confused Culture

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Praise for “I Can’t Say That!”

5 Star Review
Must-Read! July 5, 2019
A must-read for all parents! I’ve already passed this book along to a family member and have started implementing what I’ve learned with my two toddlers. I’m so thankful to have read this book now. I wish my parents would have taken this approach. They literally said “you’ll figure it out after you’re married.” And that was all the sex education I received other than “don’t do it…” Thank you for helping me do better for my kids and not being so fearful when it comes to micro-conversations about sex and how God created our bodies.

5 Star Review
Highly recommended for new parents AND not so new parents July 2, 2019
This book is thought provoking and inspiring to me. It is on my gift list for new parents now. I appreciate Dr. Gilbert’s urgency on this topic to develop a biblical sexual ethic and start “micro-conversations” early in our children’s lives on the topics of gender and sexuality. This book will bolster your confidence in parenting through topics that have been historically avoided within parent-child relationships.

5 Star Review
A must read for parents or those who work with kids. Excellent resource. June 29, 2019
Sex is everywhere you look in our culture. It is so important for parents and youth workers to be prepared to discuss all of these topics. If we don’t talk to our children about God’s design for sex and marriage. Who will? This is an excellent book to help you not only be able to talk to your kids but to also prepare them for what they will see and hear in the world around them.

5 Star Review
A Must Have Resource for Parents! June 26, 2019
I wish this book had been around when I was a kid. My exposure to “the talk” about sex occurred about 30 minutes before my Dad flew off to Vietnam (1967) a few months before my 13th birthday. My Dad had written down some notes in a small spiral notebook and went through them like a military commander giving his troops a briefing. There was no time for questions and he took his notebook with him! He was clearly uncomfortable with the topic and didn’t realize I had already been struggling for years with raging hormones because we didn’t talk about such things in our home. Needless to say, I grew up pretty confused and easily influenced by the world around me. I made a lot of mistakes. When I became a father I was determined to not repeat the same mistake my Dad did. I purchased a number of age-appropriate Christian books and VHS videos for my children and told them if they had any questions to talk to me or their Mom. I didn’t find out until much later my children struggled with much the same issues nor did I appreciate the negative influence modern technology would have in their lives. If I could have a do over, I most definitely would get Dr. G’s book and engage my children in “micro-conversations” rather than wait until the perfect moment to have “the talk.” The book covers a wide range of topics from a biblical perspective beginning with parental education and shows how we as parents can lovingly talk to our children about sex and other issues they are constantly exposed to such as gender identity, homosexuality, and same-sex attraction. In the world that we are living in today and our children our growing up in there is no more valuable resource than Dr. G’s book to help us navigate these trying times and raising godly, healthy children. I cannot recommend his book highly enough. Great job, Dr. G!

5 Star Review
Complex yet very important topic to address… June 23, 2019
I am glad that Dr. Gilbert chose to address this complex yet very important topic in this book. This is a great guide for any parent who is conscious about this topic and what kind of impact it has on their children. This book will get the ball rolling in the right direction. Enjoy!

5 Star Review
Thank you! June 11, 2019
Thank you for making the unspeakable speakable! Your insight into how to make this topic manageable while raising healthy children is profound yet simple. Thank you for the encouragement to do this is a way that lasts and the instructions on how to shape our family for the long haul. Truly a great book!

5 Star Review
helpful even if you aren’t biblical June 11, 2019
I appreciated that Cory took on the tough topic of speaking to your children about hard things. There isn’t a playbook for it. This is an excellent guidebook to get you started on the right conversations!

5 Star Review
Equip Yourself! April 12, 2019
Lots of helpful information to prepare parents to talk to their kids about sexual issues. I enjoyed the way the author integrated neuroscience and a Biblical world view.

This is that hidden secret that more people need to talk about, because there is help available! April 8, 2019
Dr. Gilbert, I will admit that my eyes were definitely shut and my ears were closed. But as I began to tell family and friends about your book, the more people begin to open up and share stories personally or about their own experiences within their families.

This is truly a book that’s written for any person to be able to share with friends families or to know that there is help that is available so that you do not have to fix or Phil that you’re absolutely alone and helpless.

It still takes a village to raise a child and we need to get more honest about that reality. Thank you, Dr. Gilbert, for sharing your passion and letting people know what help is available.

A good read April 8, 2019
This book is very accessible. There is a good deal of reference material, but the majority of the book reads equal parts anecdotal and stated factual information. It’s a good read that I finished in just under a week.

Dr. Corey Gilbert brings a calm and knowledgeable perspective to anything you want to discuss with him. I found meeting with him helpful and encouraging. His wisdom and experience were what I needed for my situation.

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