December 18

2 Keys for Successful Dating


Do you want to marry well?  What do I mean by that?  Do you want to marry someone you can call your best friend, conflict with and find resolutions that are mutually beneficial?  Do you want a life-partner that gets you – and you get them, you would fight for, and they would fight for you?  This is possible!  

  1.  Create a list of Must-have’s and Can’t-stands
    This list includes ABSOLUTES.  I know this sounds crazy – but this can eliminate so much heart ache and poor decisions.  These are those non-negotiables – like character issues, moral boundaries, faith and value minimal standards.  Be intentional.  Be proactive.  Constantly come back to this list and be sure these continue to remain ABSOLUTES.   
    Check out Neil Clark Warren’s great book “Date or Soulmate – How to Know if Someone is Worth Pursuing in Two Dates or Less” to learn how to do this well! Click on this link to buy and help support HealingLives, LLC in the process.
  2. Be intentional about sexual boundaries so as to honor others as if they are NOT yours.
    What you do and enjoy with a potential marriage partner matters.  The more you do with many takes away from the depths of the beauty and enjoyment with the one you marry.  So what?  Treat each date and each person you are getting to know as if they are NOT yours and they will pay dividends for you both.  Your sexuality is meant to be enjoyed – but also stewarded.  Create an ETHOS that celebrates patience and intentionality – as well as forgiveness and grace.  Check out Doug Rosenau and Michael Todd Wilson’s book “Soul Virgins: Redefining Single Sexuality” for more information.  This is an incredible read and resource for you single adult journey toward marriage. Click on this link to buy and help support HealingLives, LLC in the process.

Enjoy the Process!  The BEST is Worth Waiting for!  DO not Settle!

Check out my online course on “Love, Sex, Dating, & Marriage” here if you are interested in more training on healthy and successful dating, courting, and marrying. 

Dr. G 


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