About Dr. Gilbert

Hi.  My name is Dr. Corey Gilbert, PhD.  I am a missionary kid from Chile South America.  I hold 2 Masters degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Marriage and Family Counseling and another in Christian Education.  I also hold a PhD in Family Psychology.  I am a member of American Board of Christian Sex Therapists – this has been my post-doctoral work.  I am a home school dad.  We are using CC (Classical Conversations) as well as numerous other resources for our 3 children ages 11, 9, & 7.  My wife has the privilege to stay home with them. I have been in private practice since 2000 working with all ages in areas of marriage, dating, abuse, trauma, and relationship and family difficulties.  My heart and passion have narrowed much over the years and I have a burden for our children and teens and the culture they are growing up in that is grossly over sexualized.  My primary focus as been empowering young people to make better choices personally as well as in their future families with their children.

I would be honored to speak to the teens on issues they face such as pornography, sexting, gender identity, homosexuality, and healthy sex in marriage and why we should heed our parents advice and wait.  Brain research both Christian and secular have shown that pornography rewires the brain and becomes more addicting than many of the hardcore drugs our teenagers end up experimenting with.

I would also love to speak to parents on strategies to help our children and teens succeed in their sexual choices.  Most parents believe their teens are exceptions and are virgins when most are not – even within homeschool families.  Research shows that parents that are proactive and honest and ask questions and are not condemning and provide a safe place for questions create adults that make wiser choices.

I currently teach at Corban University in their Psychology Department.  I teach courses such as Abnormal Psychology, Human Sexuality, Family Systems, Psych of Addiction, Trauma Therapy, Group Dynamics, and Counseling Skills.  I love working with college students and have been for over 10 years.  I would be honored to speak at the Christian Home Education Association Network Conference this year or any following.  Thank you for your consideration.

I have links below to various chapels I have had the honor to give at Corban University here in Salem, OR.

(February 2014)



(March 2014)


(Feb 2016)


My website is www.HealingLives.com

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