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Hi there, I’m

Dr. Corey Gilbert!

Hi there, I’m Dr. Corey Gilbert! I am the CEO and Founder of Healing Lives University, an acclaimed author, and sought-after speaker. Every day I work passionately to support and coach individuals of all walks of life to overcome their pain, understand who they are, and even see the value in their suffering.

You are stuck.  You feel afraid.  You are unsure.  You need motivation.  You need help with specific questions you have in life. Your marriage is stuck.  You are afraid for your son or daughter’s future.  You find yourself unmotivated to do what you know you need to do.  I can help!  My model of working

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Check out this great article on Life Coaching – What it is and how it can help. Who is a Life Coach.  Misconceptions.  How working with a Life Coach can benefit you.  What a Life Coach does and how it works. Check out Tony Robbins’ Article here. Life Coaching Mature as a leader Pursue your purpose Achieve health

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Do you want to marry well?  What do I mean by that?  Do you want to marry someone you can call your best friend, conflict with and find resolutions that are mutually beneficial?  Do you want a life-partner that gets you – and you get them, you would fight for, and they would fight for

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Parents of babies through age 10. THIS IS FOR YOU! Parents of children ages 11+ be aware. You are building into your children each and every day a worldview, an ETHOS about the world, those different than you, grace, war, politics, church, and sexuality. Have you thought through what guidelines you want for your children

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I cannot imagine going through the rough spots in my life without key people that were there for me. At times these people were one’s I didn’t realize we close. Times of crisis reveal. These times reveal who our true friends are. These moments of revelation bring to the surface the truth about our lives,

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Dr. Corey Gilbert, Associate Professor of Psychology at Corban University, might not have much in common with Salt-N-Pepa, the American hip-hop trio, but he would heartily agree with them on at least one point: “Let’s talk about sex.” Just last month, Dr. Gilbert presented at the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) World Conference in

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