Corey J. Gilbert, MAMFC, MACE, Ph.D., LPC, PA-ABCST

Associate Professor of Psychology
Licensed Professional Counseling
Corban University


Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information

Corey J. Gilbert, MAMFC, MACE, Ph.D., LPC
5000 Deer Park Dr SE
Salem, OR  97317


Employment History

Liberty University
Promoted to Core Faculty  2015-present

Corban University
Associate Professor of Psychology 2013-present

Corban University
Department Chair, Psychology 2014-2016

Liberty University
Promoted to Contracted Limited Benefited 2013-present
Assistant Professor for the College of Arts and Sciences: Center for Counseling & Family Studies

Liberty University
Adjunct Professor Masters in Counseling 2007-present

HealingLives Ministries
Owner – Counseling Services, Seminars & Retreats 2000-present
Provide counseling services, and conduct seminars and retreats for churches and para-church organizations on relationship issues.

Eastern University
Adjunct in the Doctor of Arts in Marriage and 2013-2014
Family Counseling – Taught Trauma Therapy & Family Systems

Toccoa Falls College
Promoted to Associate Professor 2012-2013
Toccoa Falls, GA

Toccoa Falls College
Assistant Professor of Counseling / Psychology 2006-2012
Toccoa Falls, GA

Senior Connections
Counseling Services in Nursing Homes 2006
Corpus Christi, TX

Nazarene Bible College
Adjunct Online Faculty 2004-2008
Colorado Springs, CO

Wesley College
Director of Online Education   2004-2006
Assistant Professor of Christian Counseling  2005-2006
Vice President for Admissions  2004
Florence, MS

Wesleyan Bible Church
Family Pastor 2003-2004
Provided counseling services to the church body and community
Mesquite, TX

St. Francis Academy
Family Preservation – therapist 2001-2002
Provided in-home therapy for families about to lose their children to foster-care
Hays, KS


Psychological Studies Institute (now Richmont Graduate University)
Institute for Sexual Wholeness
Post-doctoral work in Sex Therapy   2004-2008

Capella University
Doctor of Philosophy – Family Psychology  2006

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Counseling  2000
Masters of Arts in Christian Education  2000

Ouachita Baptist University
Music, minor in Christian Counseling  1997

Teaching Experience
2005 – present

Human Sexuality
I submitted a proposal for a new course at Toccoa Falls College in 2006 that addresses elements of our sexuality from a biblical worldview.

Students report it has been meaningful for their life and futures.

I receive emails and meet with students regularly that took this course and decide to address sexual brokenness in their lives that this course help draw out and/or surfaced in their new marriage relationship

Course evaluations and recommendations provided upon request.

Marital/Premarital Counseling
I have taught this course almost every semester since the Fall of 2006.

This course challenges the students to address their beliefs regarding divorce, remarriage, abuse, and premarital counseling from a biblical worldview.

Crisis and Trauma Therapy
This course was developed to respond to student interests in working with trauma, human trafficking, cutting, sexual abuse, and similar issues.

Family Therapy
I have taught this course every Spring since 2007.

This course addresses the varied approaches to family therapy from a systems approach with an emphasis on a biblical understanding of each.

Abnormal Psychology
I have taught this course every Spring since 2007.

This course offers student a taste of a graduate level work load and standards.

Class times aim at understanding the disorders under review, offering traditional and alternative approaches to treatment.

Counseling Skills 1 & 2
A practical course that provides weekly in-class sessions and videoed sessions outside of class.

I conduct sessions in class as the counselor, as well as the client as an example for discussion and learning experiences.

Counseling Skills 1 focuses on the specific skills.

Counseling Skills 2 focuses on specific areas of counseling and treatment protocol.

Counseling Adolescents
This course serves as a requirement for the Christian Education Department’s Youth Ministry major.

Students are taught basic counseling skills and apply these to specific areas teens are facing today, i.e., homosexuality, promiscuity, addiction, divorce, abuse, self-harm, spiritual questions, etc.

Group Counseling
This is a practical application course on how to participate in and run a healthy productive group.

Teaching Interests
My teaching interests and passion lies in teaching students in the following areas:

Marriage and Family

Human Sexuality

Trauma & Abuse

Health Psychology

Specialized Skills
Bilingual – I grew up in Chile, South America and attended the Chilean schools and am bilingual in Spanish.

Counseling – (2000 – present)  I provide counseling services to students – consults regarding sexual brokenness, abuse, general relationship questions, and struggles, premarital counseling, etc.  Also provide counseling services to couples from the community.

Technology – I helped start the online program for Wesley College, have substantial experience teaching online, and using tools such as Moodle, Blackboard, and many Apple and PC software and hardware useful in a 21st century classroom.

University of North Carolina National Council on Undergraduate Research April 2016

Dani Horne presented my research at the conference in Ashville, NC.

Corban University Science Symposium Salem, OR March 2016

Dani Horne shined as she won the award presenting the first psychology

research at the Science Symposium with my 10 years of research.

Corban University Follow-Up Discussion from Chapel Salem, OR March 2016

We continued our discussion in a more intimate setting in the Emitte

Center on issues related to same-sex attraction and marriage adding

Nathan Geer to the conversation and student questions.

Corban University Heart of a Warrior Salem, OR Feb 2016

Spoke to over 1000 people in chapel about the heart of a warrior and

being a warrior with a cause to fight for – in your career,

relationships, and dating.  

Corban University Chapel Panel Discussion Salem, OR Jan 2016

Participated in a panel discussion on sensitive issues students were

asking questions about on same-sex attraction and gay marriage.

Panelists included Alan Jones, Sam Baker, Leslie Hermann and myself

Salem First Baptist Church Sexual Integrity Salem, OR Oct 2015

Spoke to men of all ages at a Men’s Breakfast on Sexual Integrity

Dallas Evangelical Free Church Welcoming But Not Affirming Dallas, OR Sept 2015

Guest Presentation on GLBT issues and the church

Marriage Retreat Sex in Marriage Seaside, OR May 2015

Conducted a 3 day retreat focusing on sex in marriage for a church retreat

Chemeketa Campus Ambassadors Sexuality Training Salem, OR Jan-Feb 2015

3 week training for leaders on Chemeketa and Linn-Benton’s campus

30+ students in attendance

Safe Place Q & A Relationships & Sexuality Salem, OR Jan 2015

Panel discussion on sexuality in relationships – Sunday evening

Safe Place Q & A Singleness and Sexuality Salem, OR Dec 2014

Panel discussion on singleness – Sunday evening

Safe Place Q & A What is Sexuality & Why Did God Create It? Salem, OR Nov 2014

I presented as the Introduction for the 2014-15 Safe Place

Salem Pastors Meeting Homosexuality and the Church Salem, OR Oct 2014

Invited to speak to the whole adult congregation on sexual issues the church needs to step up and address more honetly

RA Training Sexual Identity Issues Salem, OR Aug 2014

Invited to address the RA’s on addressing sexual issues in the dorms

Dallas Evangelical Free Church Sex and the Church Dallas, OR Aug 2014

Chapel with Sam Baker Sexuality and the Young AdultSalem, ORFeb 2014

Chapel Sexuality – The Dilemma of Desire Toccoa, GA Feb 2014

Eastern University Guest Lecturer on Trauma Therapy Philly, PA Feb 2014

Invited back to teach my Trauma Therapy and Family Systems Theory course

Led a semester long doctoral course on Trauma Therapy and Family Systems Theory

Involved one week of face-to-face in Philadelphia

Eastern University Guest Lecturer on Trauma Therapy Philly, PA Feb 2013

Led a semester long doctoral course on Trauma Therapy and Systems Theory

Involved one week of face-to-face in Philadelphia

Men’s Chapel No Matter the Cost – Men & Abuse Toccoa, GA Sept 2012

Chapel Why Stay Pure? – Sex Today Toccoa, GA 2011

The SGA requested I speak in chapel on sex.

It was an honor to discuss with the student body why I thought “Why Stay

Pure?” was the wrong question.  Most present are not sexually innocent due to the influence of movies, television, and print media that have robbed us of our innocence, in addition to the experiences of so many affected by sexual abuse.

How this impacts our future lives, marriages, and even relationship with Christ has great significance.

Chapel Series Relationships – Sex Toccoa, GA 2008

Presented a two chapel series on sex, dating and a sampler of the upcoming “Discussions on Sex” seminar to come.

Chapel Homosexuality Today – Our Response Toccoa, GA 2007

Presented part two of a two part series addressing homosexuality and a Christian response in light of Soulforce’s Equality Ride to various Christian campuses.

Part one of the series highlighted the Queer Hermeneutics.

Part two aimed at shaping a practical response in conversation.

Discussions on Sex: Love, Sex, Dating & Marriage Fall 2006

4-6 Week SeminarSpring 2007

Fall 2007

Spring 2008

Fall 2011

This seminar strives to be a place where students of all ages can engage in honest conversations and ask questions regarding their own sexual beings, boundaries, desires, and needs.

Attendance and participation has been very telling of the need for such conversations.

I have taught this seminar for many years prior to these dates in numerous formats to youth groups, singles groups, and college groups.

Evangelicalism Conference Toccoa, GA 2009

Homosexuality – Past, Present, and Future – from Francis Schaefer to Today 

Provided an overview of homosexuality through the years and showed how an agenda was set in motion decades ago for the changes in culture, policy and the church in America regarding homosexuality.

This break out session of the conference had an overwhelming attendance which reflects the current need for more biblical and respectful teaching on this subject.

Society for Christian Psychology Chattanooga, TN Oct 2006

Presented my Dissertation research results that found that Protestant single adults had little difference in their sexual behaviors from non-Protestants.  Church attendance proved to be a factor in less sexual involvement across the spectrum of those sampled.


Committee, Organizational, and Volunteer Service
Brain Changers Salem, OR 2017-present

I am the Vice-President of Jesse Payne’s Non-profit Brain Changers.

Instructional Technology Committee Corban U 2015-present 

Committee aimed at maximizing faculty access to great technology in the classroom

Boy Scouts of America

I am spearheading the start of a new Boy Scout troop at Salem First Baptist Church that will have its primary goal men mentoring men.  We are all set and will begin with my eldest son crossing over in February 2017.  I will either be the Committee Chair or the Scoutmaster for our new troop.

Cub Scouts of America Salem First Baptist 2012-present

Cubmaster for Troop 7002 (2015-present).

Assistant Cubmaster for troop 7002 in Salem (2013-2015).

I began as the Assistant Den Leader in Georgia (2012-2013).

Safe Place Student Organization Corban U 2013-present

I am the Faculty Advisor, attend all planning meetings and participate as speaker and/or panel discussion leader as needed.  This student-led organization aims to provide honest dialogue and healthy biblical information to students.  We aim to allow room to address brokenness and ask questions and share stories.  I am honored to help the student leaders with this mission.

Pluralism Paper Ad-Hoc Committee Corban U 2014-2015

We were tasked by the Provost to write an addition to the Pluralism Paper addressing a statement on Sexual identity and Transgender Identity.  These morphed into a statement on Human Sexuality and Gender Identity.

Title IX Committee Corban U 2014

Brenda Roth asked Sara Comstock and I to be faculty representatives on this committee.

We have not done much – Much to accomplish though.

Security Committee Corban U 2013-present

We have been looking at Security Policy issues on campus and areas of need and deficiency.

Yarhouse Planning Committee Corban U 2013-2014

I was asked to join this taskforce preparing for Dr. Mark Yarhouse’s visit since he was

my professor years ago.  It was an honor to be a part of this being new at Corban.

Information Services Committee TFC 2010-2011, 2012-2013

Eliminated outdated computer course requirement and standardized requirements for incoming students exceeding all of SACS standards

Professional Development Committee TFC 2008-2010

Aided in the formation of numerous professional development opportunities for faculty in the areas of play and work – balancing these

Church Ministry Experience
I have been in church ministry since my pre-adolescence.  I have led worship, taught Bible studies, led small groups on campus and in home, conducted marriage retreats and seminars, and provided pulpit supply.  I have worked in the nursery, co-led the 2nd and 3rd grade choir, and been the lead janitor during my schooling days.  The local church has a special place in my heart and in practice in my life.  It is, in my opinion, central to ministry to a hurting world.

Professional Qualifications and Continuing Education
1.75 CEU’s Building Trust, Love and Loyalty in Relationships Jan 2017

PESI training with John & Julie Gottman

1 CEU Male-Sensitive Couples Counseling Jan 2017

ACA Continuing Education

Training Scouting University Nov 2016

I had the honor of attending a full day training as a Scoutmaster aiding

in our starting a new Boy Scout Troop at Salem First Baptist Church this year 2017.

1 CEU Master Clinician Series: The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE) Oct 2016

PESI training with Linda Curran

3.25 CEU’s Resolving Trauma in Psychotherapy: A Somatic Approach Aug 2016

PESI training with Peter Levine

5.5 CEU’s On Trauma: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness Aug 2016

PESI training with Peter Levine

1 CEU Alcohol Addiction Aug 2016

ACA Continuing Education

1.5 CEU’s Making Sense-ory Out of Strategies Aug 2016

PESI training with Tara Delaney

1 CEU Introductory Competencies for LGBTQ-Affirmative Counseling July 2016

ACA Continuing Education

6.25 CEU’s EMDR: Step by Step – New in-Session Demonstrations July 2016

PESI training with Linda Curran

1 CEU Intro to the 8-Phase EMDR Model + Client Demonstration July 2016

PESI training with Linda Curran

3 CEU’s Addictions & Recovery 2.0 July 2016

AACCLight University DVD Training

3 CEU’s Anxiety, Depression, & Interpersonal Neurobiology 2.0July 2016

AACCLight University DVD Training

3 CEU’s Childhood Issues & Strategies 2.0 July 2016

AACCLight University DVD Training

3 CEU’s Christian Counseling 2.0 July 2016

AACCLight University DVD Training

3 CEU’s Stress, Trauma & Self-Care 2.0 Counseling Series  July 2016

AACCLight University DVD Training

1 CEU Values and Ethics in Counseling June 2016

ACA Continuing Education

6 CEU’s LUO Professional Development Track Dec 2015

Liberty University Courses on:

Reading Strategies/Resources to Assist Online Learners

Academic Writing Enhancement

Teaching in a Postmodern World

Collaborative Communication Technologies

Microsoft Office 365 Ecosystem

Special Topics 2015-16

1 CEU A Grief Counseling Group Design for Hispanic Children Dec 2015

ACA Continuing Education

Training Men’s Conference for Salem Area Pastors Nov 2015

Dr. Bill Davis spoke on Men’s Sexual Concerns

1 CEU Treating Adolescent Females with Bulimia Nervosa: Using a 

Creative Approach with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Nov 2015

ACA Continuing Education

1 CEU Sexual Dual Relationships, Third Edition Oct 2015

ACA Continuing Education

11 CEU’s 2015 World Conference – American Association of Christian Counselors Sept 2015

Speakers: Diane Langberg, John Hagee, John Ortberg, Mike Huckabee,

John Townsend, Liz Curtis Higgs, Robert Morris, Ed Stetzer, Debra Taylor,

Doug Rosenau, Mark Yarhouse, Michael Sytsma

Training Equip Austin 2015Aug 2015

Attended online the Equip Austin 2015 Conference put on by the

Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention

(ERLC).  The primary focus was on the SCOTUS vote and how to prepare

your church to address a changing culture.  Speakers such as Matt Chandler,

Andrew Walker, Russell Moore, and former lesbian activist Rosaria Butterfield

spoke and/or were interviewed.

Christian Counseling 2.0 2014

AACCLight University DVD Training

Anxiety, Depression, & Interpersonal Neurobiology 2.0 2014

AACCLight University DVD Training

In the Wildflowers – Restoring the Heart Ministries 2014

AACCLight University DVD Training

Preventing and Managing Chronic Inflammation: Sept 2014

Special Focus: Nutritional Interventions

Michael Lara,

Treating Sexual Addiction 2013

AACCLight University DVD Training

American Association of Christian Counselors 1999, 2007

World Conference 2009, 2011, 2015

Opryland Hotel, Nashville, TN

Institute for Sexual Wholeness Courses 2002-2008

Human Sexuality

Basic Issues in Sex Therapy

Dysfunctional, Complusive/Addictive & Paraphilic Sexuality

Medical Issues, Trauma and Abuse

Advanced Sex Therapy

Homosexuality and Sexual Identity

Professional Associate of the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists – ABSCT

Marriage & Family Therapists of Georgia Annual Conference 2008

Internal Family Systems Training St Simons Island, GA

I have attended multiple training opportunities under Dick Schwartz, the founder, as well we others to aid in my teaching of Family Therapy and my own counseling ministry skills

Training in the CISM and CISD Level 1 Training through AACC2007

Crisis and Trauma Response

Brought 10 students whom most completed level 1 & 2 training

Marriage & Family Therapists of Mississippi Annual Conference2004

Internal Family Systems Training 

Mediation Specialist 2003

Specialized training as a Court Appointed Mediator

AACC Training in Healthy Sexuality 2000

Conference, Dallas, TX

Caring for People God’s Way 2001

AACC training in Biblical counseling via video lectures

Editorial Positions, Boards, and Peer-Reviewed Service

Edited chapters for two different Psychology textbooks by Cengage 2007 & 2011

Dissertation – May 2006
Premarital Sexual Practices and Permissiveness Correlated with Religiosity and Level of Religious Services Involvement

Single adults worldwide were asked to participate in an online e-questionnaire through the Internet inquiring about perceptions of premarital sexual permissiveness and personal experiences, as well as their religious affiliation and level of religious services involvement. Participants were between the ages of 18 and 40 and legally single. The informed consent, demographic information, and survey were propagated throughout the Internet through Participants were recruited through, through email campaigns, website hits, and pop-ups. Participants accessed the survey online, filled out the informed consent, the demographic information, and the survey, along with four open ended questions used for triangulation purposes. A mixed model quantitative non experimental ex post facto research design implementing a convenience sample was used. The variables investigated are as follows: two independent (predictor) variables, religious affiliation and level of religious services involvement; and the dependent (outcome) variables are the actual sexual behaviors and perceptions of appropriate sexual behaviors of males and females. All data was collected and analyzed by Data was stored with until all data was collected, then transmitted to this researcher. The survey used was developed by Reiss (1967) and is known as the Premarital Sexual Permissiveness (PSP) survey. Descriptive, inferential, and qualitative analysis were performed. Now that all data has been collected, analyzed, and interpreted, it is hoped that the results are a foundation for further research on the sexuality of single adults and the influence of religiosity.

Professional Associations & Memberships
National Council on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) 2016 – present

American Counseling Association (ACA) 2015 – present

Seminar Director PREPARE-ENRICH 2014 – present

American Board of Christian Sex Therapists (ABCST) 2001 – present

American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) 1997 – present

Society for Christian Psychology (A division of AACC) 2006 – present

Marriage and Family Network (A Division of AACC) 2006 – present

Research Interests
My research interests lie in trauma, abuse, sex therapy, sexual dysfunction, and trauma recovery.

My secondary areas of interest are chronic pain and chronic illness management.

I also enjoy working with premarital counseling couples, leading seminars and retreats on healthy marriages, relationships, single adult dating today, sexual ethics, and how to address homosexuality today, to name a few.