January 2

Life-Changing Decisions – is Counseling for me?


You are stuck.  You feel afraid.  You are unsure.  You need motivation.  You need help with specific questions you have in life.

Your marriage is stuck.  You are afraid for your son or daughter’s future.  You find yourself unmotivated to do what you know you need to do.  I can help! 

My model of working with clients has been shaped over the past 20 years of counseling and working with couples and families and single adults facing life crisis, as well as working as a University Professor.

My goal is to be brief, and empower you in your life.  We start off with more hours up front and more frequent.  My goal is to get us down to 1 or 2 – 30 minute coaching sessions a month as check-in’s.  I want to see our time together be short and to the point.  Your success in life, love, family, work, and even growing yourself is critical to your future.  Get unstuck.  Reduce your fears.  Become confident.  Increase your motivation.  Get answers to hard questions.     

You will find the financial side of this is stacked up front and is quickly relieved – as opposed to months and even years of weekly 50 minute sessions.

Check out www.HealingLives.com for more information.

Groups on specific topics are coming soon.

Online courses are in the works.

I am excited about what’s to come from HealingLives, LLC.


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