Seminar Reviews, Examples & Topics

What Seminar Attendees have said:

“People do not realize what it takes to be married.  It seems easier to just quit a relationship than to commit to the other person.  I pray that more people would take this class so that they can be a better mate to their mate.  It helps people learn how to have a TRUE relationship.”   (single male in 20’s)

“We’re taught how to cook and how to file our taxes, how to drive and how to live our lives as Christians, so why are we not taught how to have healthy, Biblical relationships?  This class will shake your views on romantic love, and help bring into focus God’s plan for your life in relation to romance.”  (single female in 20’s)

“This was an awesome class.  It really helped me to see the different aspects of relationships in a very Biblical way.  It showed me the beauty of true love based on commitment, not romance.  It also showed me the right view on sex.”    (single male, foreign student in 20’s)

“A definite must for anyone seeking to put God first in any relationship.”  (single female in 20’s)

“This course helps present a real and correct view of how marriage should be – the good, the bad, and the ugly.”  (single female in 20’s)

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    Love, Sex, Dating & Marriage
This Retreat is built into 4 sessions – each 2.5 hours

This series is an intro into dating well and marrying well

Session 1 – Honoring God in our Relating

Session 2 – Dating & Courtship – Connecting, Coupling, & Committing

Session 3 – The Wedding, Honeymoon, & Great SEX!

Session 4 – Getting Down & Dirty – All Couples Conflict!

     Marriage Retreat

        “Intimacy Weekend”

Come enjoy a weekend away focusing on growing your intimacy as a couple – this is a

powerful investment into an already growing marriage

Other topics:


Fun & Play

    Discussions on Same-Sex Issues

I would be honored to join your small group, church group, men’s group, etc in a

teaching/discussion time on a sensitive issue facing our churches and world today.




Teenagers & life today

Loving our gay or lesbian child