December 18

Your Children’s Beliefs are Established Earlier than You Think!

Parents of babies through age 10. THIS IS FOR YOU! Parents of children ages 11+ be aware. You are building into your children each and every day a worldview, an ETHOS about the world, those different than you, grace, war, politics, church, and sexuality. Have you thought through what guidelines you want for your children in their teenage years relating to dating, sex, birth control, and even friendships? Let me tell you a secret – those conversations are TOO LATE if you begin “going there” when they are ages 11+. You have already left your imprint, whether it was intentional or not. SO – the prescription – go there early. Teach them well, intentionally, and hopefully from a strong, healthy sexual ethic that you have decided upon and are eager to teach them and lead them towards as they make it theirs.

If you want help developing your ETHOS surrounding sexuality, gender, dating, marriage, and relationships – check out my new book coming out soon, the workbook, discounted coaching options, and even a very low cost membership site where we ill have discussions on hard topics and help teach you and lead you to have those hard conversations and lead your family with confidence. Your ETHOS matters. Their ETHOS is established earlier than you think. GO THERE!!!!  Lead from the front. I would be honored to help you succeed. Check out my free book at    

Honored to serve, 

Corey Gilbert, PhD, LPC

Founder and Owner, HealingLives, LLC


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