HI there!  

Have you tried traditional counseling or therapy? 

 My approach is a little different - and I have been in practice for over 22 years.  

Counseling, if we are not careful - can become months of the same old same.... 

My heart's desire is to walk alongside you. 

There is no need to spend YEARS in therapy, to overshare,

or relive your past to find hope, healing, and joy in your life.


I partner with you as your Guide to help YOU change YOUR next steps - 

and specifically from a Biblical worldview.

In a matter of weeks - not years - you can find clarity and a newfound hope for a better future.  

Let's talk.  Book a time with me at the link anywhere on this website.   

Intensives create movement so much faster

than 50 minutes a week.  

Another great option are 

my Discipleship - or Coaching Programs. 

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& find out more there about the Healing Marriage Intensive that can revolutionize your marriage and family, intimacy with your spouse, relationship with God, the stronghold of addictions, your passion and calling in your work, and your relationship and leadership of your kiddos. 

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  • Are you seeking to restore what has been lost in your marriage?

  • Do you want help from a solidly Biblical perspective?  

  • Are you battling with the stronghold of porn, or apathy, or a lack of purpose?  

  • Have you been told by friends and trusted advisors to just leave and quit since you are in a tough season  -  and find your true happiness elsewhere?

  • Are you overwhelmed with your kids, job, life, and the chaos and don't see a way out?


Dr. Corey Gilbert

Can my Marriage be saved? 

This is SUCH an important question. 

Some can, and some SHOULD not! 

  • Learn critical questions to ask yourself and - if possible, your partner.  

  • Can my marriage be saved even if..... there has been a history of porn, adultery, or a long of time of poor communication? 

  • Learn 3 keys that are critical to a healthy marriage - how to use them, get them, and keep them central to your marriage.

  • What do I do next?  

Make your Marriage a HEALING Marriage - a place of peace, hope, forgiveness, and HEALING. 

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Welcome, I’m Dr. Corey Gilbert!

Over the last 22 years, I’ve devoted my life to counseling, coaching, & teaching individuals, couples, and families struggling with past abuse especially in the areas of trauma, adultery, struggles with sex, sexuality, and gender identity. As a Licensed Professional Counselor with a PhD in Family Psychology, I’ve seen hundreds of people break free from the limiting beliefs that hold them back. I’ve seen people stop constantly questioning who they are and instead get excited about where they’re going. And most importantly to me, I’ve seen people freed from their past experiences and start enjoying life. I want the same for you.

Today, I am the CEO and Founder of the HealingLives Center, an acclaimed author, and sought-after speaker. Every day I work passionately to support and coach individuals of all walks of life to overcome their pain, understand who they are, and even see the value in their suffering. 

the HealingLives Center

Center for Sex, Trauma, & Marriage Education and Transformation

You CAN Experience JOY and FREEDOM from Shame Without Years of Therapy

What Others Have Said About Dr. Gilbert

“While an uncomfortable subject, this course allowed me to gain a greater understanding of human sexuality and broke the rigid, religious view I was taught growing up. It created conversations between my fiancé and I and allowed me to be more comfortable with talking through different topics with him.  This is a beneficial course, well taught and one that helped me grow personally and in my relationship.”

Peyton M.

“I think my favorite thing about Dr. G’s program was that I figured out my own beliefs about things related to sex, gender marriage, etc.  It was extremely enlightening.”

Annie W.

“Dr. Gilbert’s class, Human Sexuality, reshaped the way I view not only sexual behavior, but also my own sexual behavior.  I greatly appreciate his insight and passion to help others know God’s design for us as sexual beings.”

Connor M.

“Human sexuality challenged me to think about sexuality, even my own, from a biblical perspective.  It was the best environment I’ve ever been into talk openly about uncomfortable topics and learn a biblical perspective on many aspects of human sexuality.”

Reagan D.

“Dr. Gilbert helps unveil the true beauty and intimacy that sex can bring in a marriage.”

Lillia D.

“I think my favorite thing about Dr. G’s program was that I figured out my own beliefs about things related to sex, gender marriage, etc. It was extremely enlightening.”