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For Parents:

BEYOND “THE TALK!” (2019) 

Equipping Your Children to Make Choices About
Sexuality and Gender from a Biblical Sexual Ethic”

Gender Identity. Pornography. Hook-up culture. Same-Sex

Attraction. Masturbation. Abuse. 

These issues are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what our children are being forced to navigate at increasingly younger ages. As a parent, are you leading your family in conversations, so that your voice is the first one they hear on these sensitive issues? Do you know what the Bible says--and doesn't say--on the issues surrounding sexuality and gender? Do your children know what you believe and why you believe it? 

You are not alone if you feel as though you don't know how and when to have these conversations. Many parents worry about having "The Talk" with their children because they are concerned about bringing it up too early, they are uncomfortable talking about sex, or they feel unprepared to answer questions that their child might ask. In “I Can't Say That!,” Dr. Gilbert walks parents through age-appropriate conversations and teaches parents how to create a culture of conversation through micro-conversations. 

In his roles as a counselor and professor, Dr. Gilbert has heard repeatedly from young adults that they never had conversations about the complicated issues surrounding sexuality with their parents and they wish that they had. His motivation in “I Can't Say That!” is to equip parents with the information they need so that they can in turn equip their children to make choices from a biblical sexual ethic.


GOING BEYOND "THE TALK!" A Teen and Preteen's Guide: 

-written specifically for YOUR Preteen and Teen

Equip your children with this new tool made JUST FOR YOUR preTEEN and TEEN

Encourage them to stand up for what is right and make wise decisions

Give them the tools and skills to steward their sexuality well.

Help them build a stable foundation with a Biblical Sexual Ethic. 

Get this resource now that includes ideas, Scripture, a Framework and a guide for you and your preTEEN and TEEN!