Coaching is not therapy -  

for me it is Discipleship

Dr. Corey Gilbert


(for Oregon residents only)



Instead of over years - I want to see your life changed in a matter of weeks.  


sooner than you can imagine.


With my different approach to help - through

intensives -

not 50 minute sessions. 

FROM TRAUMA TO TRANSFORMED Course & Coaching Program:

For Christian Couples, or Individuals - that want to Break Free from Their Past

Helping YOU Go From “Trauma to Transformed” without Years of Therapy, Over Sharing or Reliving Your Past

The “Trauma to Transformed” Program is your key to a new life. We will work together in an 8 week 1:1 custom-tailored program with access to me via email all throughout, private check-in's, group calls, and an online course helping you grow in your use of tools to relieve the stronghold that stress, anxiety, and fear seem to have over you today.

We will spend these 8 weeks strengthening key tools to radically change the way you understand and interact with the abuse you endured, your present, and your future. This is a coaching program aimed to equip you to recognize the ways traumatic events from your past have influenced the way you think about yourself and the way you relate to others with an emphasis on how it is impacting your life, marriage, family and career.

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This program is for the individual who has experienced abuse and is unable to get traction and move forward.  It is also designed for the couple where one or both members have dealt with abuse which keeps them from building a healthy marriage and family life.

If you’re ready to Identify your reactions and attitudes that are a result of abuse or trauma, learn different responses that will allow you to move forward and accomplish goals, and experience increased intimacy and closeness in the relationships that matter most to you, this program is for you.

The Trauma to Transformed Program with me, Dr G, is built for the couple wanting to grow, the individual that wants to break free, the couple with a struggling sex life, and the nearly / newlywed with or without trauma.  It is CUSTOM Tailored to YOU for YOUR success!

"Icing on the Cake"

Course & Coaching Program:

"Radically Transform Your Sexual Relationship and Address Your Sexual Struggles”

This program will help you understand God’s design of your body, your sexual self, your sexual relationship with your marriage partner. We will explore God’s purposes in His design, as well as prepare you to eliminate or minimize the power of sexual struggles. When a couples recognizes sex as “Icing on the Cake” it provides the framework for enjoying it.

In this custom-tailored 8 week program we will use group interactions, 1 on 1 check-in's, and homework aimed at teaching, equipping, and empowering you to live free of sexual shame and enjoy your marriage - and hopefully, best friend. My goal is to help you get rid of misinformation and build accurate, healthy and godly goals.

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Can you imagine - Your sexual struggles could be gone! Forever! Your marriage can find the rhythm and sense of peace you seemed to have lost along the way. If you’re a married couple who desires to overcome sexual struggles and dysfunctions, build a stronger marriage, and uncover a safe, fulfilling and enjoyable sexual life - all from a Biblical Sexual Ethic - then this program is you! 

"Loving Your Non-Gender-
Conforming Child"

Coaching Program:

Answering and Better Understanding Gender and Sexuality Questions our Children are Wrestling With

This coaching program will focus on a Biblical view of gender, your body, your sexual self, and how to teach your children a Biblical Sexual Ethic. Whether you’re a parent looking for guidance as you love your children well no matter what they choose; or if you are a teen or young adult that wants to better understand your own internal struggles with your gender or attractions, this program is for you! You’ll feel confident in your understanding of what factors influence your decisions as you gain clarity and a Biblical Sexual Ethic.

We will meet for personalized 1:1 custom-tailored sessions designed to teach, equip, and empower you to understand God’s purpose in designing us as gendered men and women with a purpose.

If you’re ready to gain a Biblical view of sexuality and gender and learn to love your child no-matter-what - this program is for you! 

What Others Have Said About Dr. Gilbert

“While an uncomfortable subject, this course allowed me to gain a greater understanding of human sexuality and broke the rigid, religious view I was taught growing up. It created conversations between my fiancé and I and allowed me to be more comfortable with talking through different topics with him.  This is a beneficial course, well taught and one that helped me grow personally and in my relationship.”

Peyton M.

“I think my favorite thing about Dr. G’s program was that I figured out my own beliefs about things related to sex, gender marriage, etc.  It was extremely enlightening.”

Annie W.

“Dr. Gilbert’s class, Human Sexuality, reshaped the way I view not only sexual behavior, but also my own sexual behavior.  I greatly appreciate his insight and passion to help others know God’s design for us as sexual beings.”

Connor M.

“Human sexuality challenged me to think about sexuality, even my own, from a biblical perspective.  It was the best environment I’ve ever been into talk openly about uncomfortable topics and learn a biblical perspective on many aspects of human sexuality.”

Reagan D.

“Dr. Gilbert helps unveil the true beauty and intimacy that sex can bring in a marriage.”

Lillia D.

“I think my favorite thing about Dr. G’s program was that I figured out my own beliefs about things related to sex, gender marriage, etc. It was extremely enlightening.”


ARE YOU READY TO see God do amazing things this year?

He wants to & can!