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It is so important to start somewhere. Let's start here. 

Below are courses from Dr. Corey Gilbert that are a place to start to improve your life, marriage, family, parenting, faith, and investment into all God has for you.  

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Anxiety Tools Training 



Learn Skills you can apply immediately to outwit Anxiety.

Escape the Loops that have your trapped: Trigger --> Behavior --> Reward! 

13 Sessions with Dr G discussing the Tools from Dr Brewer's book on Anxiety 

Discover the Anxiety habit loop and what to do with it

What First, Second & Third Gear means to conquering your Anxiety 

Grasp & learn to apply the RAIN Practice - Recognize/Relax, Accept/Allow, Investigate, & Note

Fear Dance Training Course


Discover your Fear Buttons and learn how to overcome stuck cycles, address your self esteem, and rise above petty arguments that leave one of you (if not both) as losers. 

9 Sessions designed to transform your marriage - and how you work together versus against one another. 

Discover your Fear Buttons - and your spouses - and then what...

How to take responsibility for YOUR part and strengthen your personal view of yourself - as key.

Boundaries and a No-Losers Policy are key! 

Gender Ideology  Training



Understand the impact of Gender Ideology, Queer Theology, and Critical Race Theory.  How do these impact our families, kids, and culture.

2 Hours - A deep dive into what it is.

How did we get here - History revisited. 

The Design - God's design! 

What to do - how to show respect!

Icing on the Cake Course (on INtimacy)


Radically Transform Your Sexual Relationship and Address Your Sexual Struggles

3 Sessions

Grow as a couple, learn from up to date research, and even more important - from God's Word. 

Enhance your marriage, deal with difficulties, reignite what might be waning, and lead your family well.

Topics: Your brain onset, brakes & accelerators, enriching the atmosphere, The God who created...., God loves sex, arousal, apex, and enhancing the afterglow - plus the working side of sex, the lighter side, and paying attention to your senses. 

Love, Sex, Dating, & Marriage



I, Dr. Corey Gilbert, have been teaching a version of this class since 2005.  It began as a seminar for singles at a Singles group I served - then morphed into this over the years as a I taught it to youth groups and singles groups and college groups over the years. 

4 Sessions - over 7 hours of training!

Honoring God in our relationships

Dating & courtship (connecting, coupling, and covenanting)

The wedding, honeymoon and GREAT sex! 

Conflict: Learning to win at the hard stuff.  

Play the man Training


Learn the 7 Virtues of Manhood from Batterson's resource "Play The Man."

7 Short Sessions

Virtue 1 - Tough Love

Virtue 2 - Childlike Wonder

Virtue 3 - Will Power

Virtue 4 - Raw Passion

Virtue 5 - True Grit

Virtue 6 - Clear Vision

Virtue 7 - Moral Courage 

Trauma to Transformed Program

Course Only

$1 Trial (14 days)

$197 x 6 months 

Overcome, Breakthrough, Survive a Divorce, Find Hope, Face Your Past, Rid Yourself of Fear, and TRANSFORM Your Life and Future Now!

 A brand new 90-Day Life Transformation Program for men, women and couples who feel like they're past is holding them back from their future. 

The truth is, if you're going to get control of your future, you should be able overcome the past without having to relive it.

Join the T2T ProgramGet Your Personal Coach For $1

180 days to a radical transformation - without years of therapy, oversharing, or reliving your past. 

Access a robust 8 week training program that Dr Gilbert uses with students and clients - and with incredible results!

Learn about how things impact you - as a key to healing - NOT by reliving past traumas. 

Learn skills to strengthen your progress towards radical transformation - and learn how to sustain it for the rest of your life. 

Going Beyond "The Talk" Program

Course Only


Prepare Your Child to Make Thoughtful, Well-Informed Decisions Regarding Sex, Gender & Sexuality by Going Beyond “The Talk”

Access Dr Gilbert's Premier 16 week 6+ module Program 

The Going Beyond The Talk Program is created so you can prepare yourself for the inevitable. If you plan on having the talk with your child in the next 12 months, this will be very valuable  -- and this needs to be started earlier than you think (or are ready for).

Module 1 - The Church, Sex, Theology & History

Module 2 - Anatomy & God’s Perfect Design

Module 3 - Wrestling with God’s Design 

Module 4 - From Birth to Married

Module 5 -Sensitive Topics

Module 6 - God’s Design for Sex in Marriage

Access just the course - or add coaching with Dr Gilbert to it as well. 

Healing Marriage Community

Free Facebook Group


Can My Marriage be saved?

This is SUCH an important question. 

Some can, and some SHOULD not! 

  • Learn critical questions to ask yourself and - if possible, your partner.  
  • Can my marriage be saved even if..... there has been a history of porn, adultery, or a long of time of poor communication? 
  • Learn 3 keys that are critical to a healthy marriage - how to use them, get them, and keep them central to your marriage.
  • What do I do next?  

Make your Marriage a HEALING Marriage - a place of peace, hope, forgiveness, and HEALING. 

Access a free mini-course on marriage in the free Facebook group.

Ask questions and get direction from others.

Know that you are not alone in your journey.

Access further training from Dr. Gilbert on Marriage, parenting, and a biblical sexual ethic. 

Healing Marriage Intensive

Program & Coaching

Book a Call

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Speak to someone that cares and wants to help you make a plan

Know that you are NOT alone

Create a plan

Get help following through

More detailed Course Descriptions


with Dr. G

Gain access to 7 hours of video that can transform how you go about getting to know, dating, and whom you finally choose to marry!

Dr. Gilbert has been teaching this course for over 20 years - to singles in their teens to those in their 60's. 

  • Tip To Success #1: Gets You More Confidence And Willingness To Take Risks 
  • Tip To Success #2: Makes It Easy To Get Picky And Selective In Whom You Ever Go Out With For A Second Date 
  • Tip To Success #3: Gives You A Framework For Healthy Relationship Building 
  • Tip To Success #4: The Real SECRET For Marrying Well (and Staying Married) 
  • Tip To Success #5: Effortlessly Enter Into A Stressful Date And Know With Confidence Whether This Is A Person Worth Pursuing Or Not
  • Tip To Success #6: Quickly Find My Best Friend For Life 

I love helping you gain the tools needed to revolutionize how you seek out a partner, date them, and build a marriage that you are proud of and can weather tough times.  

What's Included:

Session 1 - Honoring God in our Relationships - a Baseline

Session 2  - Dating and Courtship - Connecting, Coupling, &Covenanting

Gain a New Vocabulary that can set you free (and give you great boundaries)

Session 3 - The Wedding, The Honeymoon, and Great Sex!

Be prepared, have a plan, and know where you want to go.

Session 4 - Conflict - The Key to Success

This is a key to a Great Marriage - how to fight well!


Intimacy Course

Taking your Marital Intimacy from Good to

Great - an Online Course

This extensive online course aims to bring life and renewal to your marriage relationship and help you go from good to great. THIS IS NOT for couples that are really deeply struggling. For you, let's talk. I want to walk alongside you though my "Icing on the Cake" Program 

Discover new ways of enjoying your best friend and life partner. Find encouragement and new fresh ideas that can strengthen your marriage, sex life, and relationship. Be reminded of the importance of the most critical relationship you have - your marriage. Renew. Rekindle. Be inspired. You will not be disappointed.

Going Beyond "The Talk"

with Dr. G

A Course for Parents, Teens and Preteens on Human Sexuality from a Biblical Worldview

What's Included:

During this Course You Will Learn:

  • The Church, Theology, & History
  • Anatomy & God’s Perfect Design
  • Wrestling with God’s Design 
  • From Birth to Married
  • Sensitive Topics
  • God’s Design in Marriage

Guided 16 Week 6+ Module Program

The Going Beyond The Talk Program is created so you can prepare yourself for the inevitable. If you plan on having the talk with your child in the next 12 months, this will be very valuable  -- and this needs to be started earlier than you think (or are ready for).

  • Learn exactly what to say, why to say it, and how to back it up with easy-to-understand scripture references. 

  • Depending on one talk to do all the heavy lifting is what puts so much pressure on parents. Instead, Dr. G walks you through a series of micro discussions that are easy to digest for your child. 

  • With less than 10% of children feeling comfortable enough to talk to their parents about anything, your  chances of leaving the lasting impression you want in your kids mind are limited without the proper prep work. 

Module 1 - The Church, Sex, Theology & History

  1. The Church and Sex - how did we get here and how can we make a better way

  2. A Theology of Sex - and where is the line? And design?

  3. How do we begin the dialogue?  

  4. What is the history we MUST know to help us go forward well?

Module 2 - Anatomy & God’s Perfect Design

  1. Basic Anatomy - the beauty of God’s design

  2. Love, Sex, and Neuroscience - God’s details

Module 3 - Wrestling with God’s Design 

  1. A Theology of Birth Control

  2. Gender Identity and Homosexuality and God’s Purpose in our Struggle

  3. The Transgender Conversation

Module 4 - From Birth to Married

  1. Raising Sexually Healthy Children - what is Age-Appropriate (it’s earlier than you think)?

  2. Theology of Single Adult Sexuality

  3. The Relationship Continuum

Module 5 - Sensitive Topics

  1. Theology of Masturbation

  2. Porn and Sexual Addiction

  3. Sexually Transmitted Diseases or Infections

Module 6 - God’s Design for Sex in Marriage

  1. Sexual Dysfunctions - when things go wrong in the marriage

  2. Passionate Intimacy Weekend, Book Studies, Small Groups, and Other Ideas

  3. Crazy Good Sex and What Great Sex Can Be

What Others Have Said About Dr. Gilbert

“While an uncomfortable subject, this course allowed me to gain a greater understanding of human sexuality and broke the rigid, religious view I was taught growing up. It created conversations between my fiancé and I and allowed me to be more comfortable with talking through different topics with him.  This is a beneficial course, well taught and one that helped me grow personally and in my relationship.”

Peyton M.

“I think my favorite thing about Dr. G’s program was that I figured out my own beliefs about things related to sex, gender marriage, etc.  It was extremely enlightening.”

Annie W.

“Dr. Gilbert’s class, Human Sexuality, reshaped the way I view not only sexual behavior, but also my own sexual behavior.  I greatly appreciate his insight and passion to help others know God’s design for us as sexual beings.”

Connor M.

“Human sexuality challenged me to think about sexuality, even my own, from a biblical perspective.  It was the best environment I’ve ever been into talk openly about uncomfortable topics and learn a biblical perspective on many aspects of human sexuality.”

Reagan D.

“Dr. Gilbert helps unveil the true beauty and intimacy that sex can bring in a marriage.”

Lillia D.

“I think my favorite thing about Dr. G’s program was that I figured out my own beliefs about things related to sex, gender marriage, etc. It was extremely enlightening.”