"I'D LOVE TO PARTNER WITH YOU to serve your church, school or group IN EQUIPPING FAMILIES TO DEVELOP AND LIVE FROM A BIBLICAL SEXUAL ETHIC, overcome trauma, and understand gender and Sexuality from a Biblical Worldview."

Dr. Corey Gilbert

About Dr. Corey Gilbert

Dr. Corey Gilbert is an accomplished speaker, therapist, and coach who has built a career encouraging and inspiring people from all walks of life to overcome their pain, understand who they are, and see the value in their suffering. By delivering hundreds of presentations to couples, parents, and college students, he uses empathy to inspire audiences to embrace healing in their lives.

Not only does he provide a renewed perspective on mental health and trauma from a Biblical worldview, he also provides tangible tools and techniques to help you break the cycle of hurt and start embracing a life of joy!

5 Reasons To Book Dr. G For Your Next Event,

Training, Or Workshop

He brings heart and enthusiasm to every event

Dr G pares down complex concepts to digestible sentiments that every audience
member can understand

He removes the cliché of talking about “the hard subjects”

Dr G offers real actionable tools, not just fluff

He creates a captivating and unforgettable experience that you’ll never forget

Dr. Gilbert’s Philosophy

“I love to bring practical, biblical, and evidence-based tools to people wanting to trans form their lives, marriages, families, and the lives of their children. The majority of people spend so much energy running from their past, trying to control their present, and reacting to their world around them, that they cannot envision a brighter future for them selves, their marriages, or their children. When I speak, I have a chance to change some one’s future if they hear what I'm saying, receive the call to action, and implement change. This is a powerful and awesome responsibility. I take these opportunities as seriously as I take my time spent one-on-one with a person looking back at the trauma they endured, seeing how it affects them today, and breaking the chains to find the hope, joy, and freedom they lost along the way. This is an incredible honor I never take lightly. Let me join you at your next event and challenge your community.”



Create a family and marriage that thrives.

Leverage past traumas for an incredible future

Stop escaping and avoiding and begin truly living

Lead children intentionally toward wise decisions from a Biblical Worldview

Create spaces for personality, differences, and
growth for a less-stressed and more connected
family life.

Dr. G’s Most Popular Workshops, and Keynotes Include….



Control Freak - Allowing your Kids to Fail Within Boundaries 

Tech, Porn & Your Family. HELP!

The Birds & The Bees - Talking to your Kids About the Hard Stuff!

Age Appropriate Conversations with your Kids 

Go Beyond “The Talk!” - Gender & Sexuality

Human Sexuality for the Christian Family

Trauma-Proofing Your Family and Kids

Developing a Biblical Sexual Ethic - for Singles, Parents, and Teens


Song of Solomon - How to Date & Marry Well!

Love, Sex, Dating, and Marriage - How to Marry Well!

Looking for Happily Ever After in a Hook-Up Culture

The Transgender Experience - a Biblical Care 


Escaping the Chains of Past Abuse - Finally Finding Freedom

Retreat for Couples - Intimacy Reinspired

Intimacy Weekend 


Church Staff Training on Abuse and Measures to Prevent and Protect

Leadership Skills to Help Marriages Thrive

Counseling Skills for Church Leaders

Skills to Trauma-Proof Your Church Families 

Gender & Sexuality Today - A Church’s Care, Roll and Response

Past Audiences have Included...

Parent Groups

Mom Groups

Private schools - parents and students

Home-school groups

University Chapels and Assemblies

Couples weekend Retreats

Men’s retreats

Church Staff Trainings

Church Communities

Company Staff Trainings

Singles of All Age - 15-70 year olds

What Others Have Said About Dr. Gilbert

“While an uncomfortable subject, this course allowed me to gain a greater understanding of human sexuality and broke the rigid, religious view I was taught growing up. It created conversations between my fiancé and I and allowed me to be more comfortable with talking through different topics with him.  This is a beneficial course, well taught and one that helped me grow personally and in my relationship.”

Peyton M.

“I think my favorite thing about Dr. G’s program was that I figured out my own beliefs about things related to sex, gender marriage, etc.  It was extremely enlightening.”

Annie W.

“Dr. Gilbert’s class, Human Sexuality, reshaped the way I view not only sexual behavior, but also my own sexual behavior.  I greatly appreciate his insight and passion to help others know God’s design for us as sexual beings.”

Connor M.

“Human sexuality challenged me to think about sexuality, even my own, from a biblical perspective.  It was the best environment I’ve ever been into talk openly about uncomfortable topics and learn a biblical perspective on many aspects of human sexuality.”

Reagan D.

“Dr. Gilbert helps unveil the true beauty and intimacy that sex can bring in a marriage.”

Lillia D.

“I think my favorite thing about Dr. G’s program was that I figured out my own beliefs about things related to sex, gender marriage, etc. It was extremely enlightening.”





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