April 7

What is a Healing Marriage?


A Healing Marriage

Marriage is God’s idea.  It is NOT a social construct of old.  Marriage was meant to be a place where the two sexually different people thrive.  Yes – that is right – it is designed for two people – one male and one female.  It is meant to be the desired place that children enter the world, grow up, and thrive.  The family.  God’s design.  His best for us all.  His ideal.

A Healing Marriage is a place where God brings another person into your life that aids in the healing of past harm, struggles, addictions, and our past.  A Healing Marriage involves two people that see that their purpose is to serve the other one and help bring out the best in them.  The other person feels loved, cared for, seen, heard, and like a teammate.

Most all of us choose a marriage partner because we believe that THEY will make them happy.  After the wedding we find out pretty quickly that marriage is about service.  We are called to serve the other.  We help bring out the best in them.

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Bless you, your marriage, your family, and all God has for you. If it is not perfect (and none of us live in that world), you are the perfect candidate for our Community.

Our focus is on strengthen marriages, reconnecting and strengthening our relationship with our kids, breaking bad habits and addictions, rekindling an active relationship with God, reinvigorating our sex lives, finding our place in our work (or changing that place and/or field we work in), and discovering our overarching purpose.

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